Monday, 7 September 2009

Free lancing...

I read this article... once... and it talked of how the US sees and battles with the notion of freelancers... Are they self employed or business owners or what, WHAT WHAT ARE THEY...

I realise (AGAIN) that us freelancers are on the outskirts of society. Even though we are 25 million strong we are still seen as a 'Condition'.
Fascinating, as for me and all I know it is a choice. A choice taken because we know that society isnt really under control. Society and sanity is the illusion we and every one else creates so we can go on from day to day. Being a freelancer, self employed, someone who goes it a lone, a free thinker, a whatever is a choice taken when one realises that what we are living is LIFE, there is no second chance and time to realise what is important to ones self. We are here now and we dont want someone telling us what is what when we feel and know something else to be true. Someone else telling us what decision to make for someone, or worse some entity else. To give your life, time, energy, commitment ... I watched my father give his entire life to a company that, at the end of his working career gave him... literally, just a watch!!!! How ironic. They didnt care so gave him something to remind him of time.. his time that he gave to them for...?
Am I going to deep... I feel not. This is the root of FREElancing... choices, no constraints. There are so many rules and most unwritten on how to live your life, reinforced by the media and societies pressures, but the Buddhists have known far longer than our so called advanced first world society that when one is in the present and not in ones head (Fantasising about what if and maybe) that the most important things are present. Freelancing allows one to give entirely oneself, creatively and physically precisely because we are not OWNED by a company. Thus creativity, individualism, and leaps in thought and creativity are nurtured and opened to all that is possible.

Ownership is a huge issue on the internet these days, but as we try to hold on tighter to the things that we think we have ownership over the faster they slip away. If you are creative you will always be creative... it is not just one idea you'll have. Give and you will receive... I'm not a Bible lover I have to admit, in fact I dont believe in God (But thats another post) but this really rings true in my experience. I have seen so many people be protective over what they feel is there creation, where it has consumed them and their time... meanwhile the whole world and everyone with it has moved on and lived there lives and forgotten about who came up with it. You will always be rewarded for creativity, you just have to watch your expectations!

I know from experience that EVERYONE is creative. There are so many pressures and judgements that not every one feels that they are and of course the confident creative ones can be become very eloquent at protecting there space, their 'creativity' presenting it as magical, gifted and not possible by mere mortals...

All I'm saying is hold on less, let go more and never stop playing, creating and supporting.

Articles like this are great but also show how freelancers a perceived by the majority. The most important thing is to sit well with yourself and your choices. If you dont, do something about it other wise you might end up at the end of your life with a watch and a lot of bitterness.

I love freelancing and being a freelancer it suits my personality and my view of what life should be.... mine to decide what to do with.


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