Friday, 23 April 2010


Tall Thin Walk. AS3, bones tool is great for limbs and giving that pendulum feel. This is a different style. Wire in mind, just a simple character test.

link to animation here ~

Not really but almost, Pop-up card.

I guess this is a cross over hybrid model. More of a 'bend round card' than a pop up. I playing with characters and exploring more interesting ways of showing them.

Card, pen and ink and a little glue.

Quick Sketch

Quick sketch of Jimi... to keep my hand ad eye in.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Character Animation.

I've been loving the bones tool in CS4 AS3 and have been able to clean up some character designs.
Links to the animation coming soon.

Characters to animate.

Here's another in that same style... a butterfly that makes me smile already.


Just been playing in Flash and creating some characters to animate. I like the feel of these sketches not too clean and not too rough. Bright and colourful and quirky.

Bird nest.

InterActive Books

I've been working on developing some interactive educational books for Tumblebooks. Its been a great project and lots to work out. The key is always working out the way to show so much information in a simple clear and understandable way. Using standard symbols and expectations already brought on by the majority of internet sites is a good way to make users feel at home and give them confidence to explore further.

Dolphins is almost finished...