Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thoughts and doodles

Been a busy bee recently, lot's of admin, preparing my masterclasses and workshops in comedy, character development and improvisation. (if anyone is interested please contact me). I've been writing them also for animators as well as theatre students and professional actors and performers.

Speaking of animation I spent a fantastic weekend down  Montreal at the Cinametheque for a masterclass by PIXAR. Matthew Lhun was superb sharing his vast knowledge of 'story'. What I found amazing were the links and parallels between Animation and or film and creating shows and acts. Character development and physicality is a huge part of the animation process at Pixar and for us clown/actors as well. So my creative juices are flowing and all the things that needed to be reinforced, were.

My book is slowly coming, having two kids at home means my work rate has slowed a little but it is moving and soon school starts. Some little sketches...