Friday, 27 August 2010

Flash Artwork

Here's a little look at a couple of characters I've been working for Whaang.. should be going live soon, very excited about it. Users can choose backgrounds or situations, then drop in characters with different props to create there own comic stories, its a lot of fun and a great concept.


Recently been embedded in Flash illustration and to get me re energized and fresh I go out and cut the lawn or go for a run... Now these two things have recently had great change and given great thoughts.

Mowing the lawn was a chore, I had an anti Eco petrol mower that spread all the dust, twigs, small stones and occasional blades of grass over a mile radius of my garden. The kids, my wife and dog locked up safe inside as I blasted my country location with noise and fumes... NO MORE. I have an old fashioned Hodder der der (Thanks Eddie Izzard) But its more than a leap in ecological gardening, its a brilliant design. When Brilliant designs arrive you know immediately because its form and function in perfect harmony. Its like walking in the park, yes 'G and T' in one hand, kids running around, the grass looking healthy, birds singing and an amazing feeling of really enjoying myself. Another huge design feature, by accident or on purpose, is when you push the mower there is a slight by very satisfying resistance... it kicks in a split second after you start pushing giving you enough time to push with ease before it gets slightly harder and ... it feels really good. Its that simple, immediate bio feedback. Addictive and satisfying.

Now running. The foot. Michael Angelo called it the greatest of designs and now I'm trusting in evolution and my body by running barefoot. The first time just 10 minutes down the track in the woods... I smiled the whole way, it was liberating and I had so much energy. Day two rested as my calves certainly felt the difference. Day 3, 15 minutes in the woods.. feeling really good. So I just started but so far it feels right. After all they were designed for this. Inspired by Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and Barefoot Ted. Its all about thinking, really thinking about why we do what we do.

I know, no Flash in there but it'll all come out in the wash.